Two people / Two cultures / One wedding / 50 guests & 50 chip butties / A few bottles of my Spiced Plum Ketchup / Lots of happy revellers & requests for more

And that’s the short of how Chury’s got started - need we say more? OK then…After lots of encouragement from family and friends, an extended honeymoon to culinary hotspot Southern India, and hours of experimenting in her mother-in-law’s kitchen - Chury’s was born.

Like many of our great nation’s first and second generation immigrants, Founder Sonia grew up with a mix of two cultures through a time of growing popularity and availability of foods and flavours from other countries, mixed together in our proud home of diversity, the UK.

Although when it came to the roots of her Indian cuisine, there was one constant niggle… It’s been voted the nation’s favourite food for years and is going through somewhat of a modernisation, but when it comes to Indian condiments…why can’t we do more than just mango chutney or chilli pickle? And why not broaden how and what we enjoy them with??

So that’s our mission:)

What’s next?

We’re still very new so you can find us at local markets around the North West and hopefully at a delicatessen near you soon!

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